Every day, we wake up to revive what we have lost and ingratiate the present to behold the future firmly in our hands. We embark, falter, and knuckle our fingers to straighten up again to achieve the unwarranted dream. However, in the midst of all this, we forget the present and its irrefutable charm beckoning at us– we look for comfort in our memories. We live the present chalking out ambitions and desires, which may not hold a strong grip in our fist.We find ourselves running chasing leaves in a storm. The result is a vague foreboding of the unknown causing fear,inconspicuously transforming into anxiety.

Emotions are value judgements of our perceptions and beliefs. But, when these emotions stride past our ability to conceive the probable cause of its origin, we tend to open a Pandora’s Box. It’s like spinning a web. Let’s quote an example of how anxiety manifest in varied proportions.

Your loved one has been diagnosed with a threatening ailment with surgery as an only option. The moment the horrifying news invades our ears, the spider in our mind starts weaving a thread of unrefined thoughts. You presume surgery to have a catastrophic end, predisposing the patient to lose his life. The future looks bleak and you have spun a web of despair and solitude. As you try to disentangle yourself from the mesh of thoughts, your body is already in a flight/fight response to cushion from the plausible danger.

So what are these thoughts??

Any normal person who does not suffer from anxiety may be a bearer of these thoughts, but will overcome them with a rationale of acceptance or denial. A person with an anxiety disorder is neither under acceptance or denial. Their mind locks in fear not because of what they are witnessing, but what their mind has already experienced before. A trauma in the past, an invalid fear resting warmly for years or genetic renewal of chemical imbalance leads to behavioural prejudices, which we tend to repeat in any unfriendly situation! These incessant thoughts trouble till we are well-ensconced of nothing to bother us now or another important discretion disenfranchises the repetitive thought process.

The body, thus, deteriorates mentally and physically.

People with anxiety disorders feel crippled by the ways anxiety manifests inside their body. Anxiety has concomitant indulgence with palpitations, shortness of breath, stomach cramps, headaches, muscle twinge, numbness and social evasion and many other unfathomable symptoms. To add another blotch on the nose, anxiety perpetuates disorientation and disintegration. All this further exacerbates the mental conditioning pummelling the sacrosanct mind with hopelessness and depression. The successive pattern of recurrent thoughts makes the person gullible to the situation, which propelled these invasive thoughts to be ploughed. Gradually you lose the ability to see the frame on the shelf and carry on with your own discretions causing extreme mental fatigue and brain fog.   

Thus, people suffering from anxiety prefer a secluded harbour to fight their own monsters. For them, fraternizing with people and being socially obligated is a denial of their obtrusive thoughts, which now humbly entertain the over-occupied mind. Their loneliness is a natural pick to avoid situations that propel them towards anxiety. They find solace in activities that are governed by their individualistic idiosyncrasies and not fashionably orchestrated by any other being.


Fear is the purpose of the mind to evaluate the indiscernible. Anxiety is not because of the fear that engulfs the mind but the reactions to it.

Anxiety is not only physically and mentally disabling, but predisposes a person to create a sanctuary of its own where inhibitions and interjections have no role to play.The fears are so deeply entrenched in the spirit and soul that talking about it seems like a mockery of one’s own existence. You start to live with it. Medications help but they subtly help to treat the sensitivity and objectivity that anxious people have an edge on. It’s imperative to work on this sensitivity to impressions to allay the irrelevant thoughts that creep the invasive minds.

Anxiety is an expression of our insecurities and fears. Fears manifest because we carry the burden of the past experiences with us. We make them relevant in our present scheme of things. When conclusions of the past strategize our present, we awaken anxiety. We have to train our mind to accept every situation distinctly without the burden to carry it forward as a baggage.

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2 years ago

great post! keep it up

amit desai
amit desai
2 years ago

it is very helpful thanks for sharing anxiety-part-2

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