The Ping-Pong of the heart knocking effortlessly inside the tarmac of the chest is a belief that we deserve to live life to the fullest. Any blip in the smooth functioning of the fragile organ predisposes us to a series of insalubrious warzones, bullets piercing out of the artillery putting an end to the “Dhak-Dhak” of the calculative life. So, here is the catch and I am quite confident to acknowledge that our life has become judgemental and convoluted. This leaves the right atrium receiving too much toxity causing the left atrium pumping hostility and begrudge all over the body. 

The recent demise of a young actor, Siddharth Shukla, at the age of 40 due to a heart attack came down tumbling like a house of cards. The entire country felt shivers deep in their bone raising an important debate if the heart is being over-driven at a tumultuous speed on a slippery road of our ambitions and desires. It’s now not about “naughty at 40” but keeping the heart “doughty.” Getting a heart attack at 40 sets an affirmation of the treachery of life and its denial to our vampirism of greed, megalomania and condescension. We deceit our heart to accept the chicanery of hitting the gym to be followed by an unhealthy tickle of savoury items. The heart goes less fonder of the interminable aspirations corseting suffocating spasms if incompetency leaks the bucket. More than day to day funding of our heart, it’s the perspective towards life that helps to clear the smoke and shadows engulfing it.

Mental stress, extreme sensitivity to impressions, anxiety disorders and an unwillingness to accept the vicissitudes of life are some of the psychological symptoms affecting the heart. The pressure on the heart is massive. With the emergence of deracinated human profligacy, people tend to lead a life orchestrated by the new “three holy words” – workaholic, alcoholic and melancholic. The heart is bemused by the altercation between excessive ambition and a parched lifestyle bereft of healthy indulgences and self-effacing humility. We all are in a race to outstrip each other, not aware that are egoistical compulsions can have a deleterious effect on the sympathetic and para sympathetic nerve branches connecting the brain to the heart. Current research corroborates recent temptations to heart attacks between the age group of 30 and 50 due to a discordant lifestyle with less physical activity, unhealthy diet, use of tobacco and alcohol and chronic stress, not to ignore certain cardiovascular diseases.

When we heard the perturbing news of the 29 year old Danish footballer Christian Erikson suffering a sudden cardiac arrest during the Euro 2020 matches, it was like a hot potato slipping out of hand. He was not a possible contender for a cardiac complication considering his physical fitness level and his age, but all this aims at the fragility of the heart soaring at a butterfly age, and is of grave concern.

So finally, are we all ready to give our heart the compassion and love it deserves? Controlling the mind is the first step to avoid any incendiary inside the valves of the heart.  When our mind encounters fear—the heart pounds recalcitrantly, a traumatic mind makes our heart bleed and heart arrhythmias follow if rage and anger define our responses to stimuli. But, the heart is at its best when we are non-judgemental and content about our wholesome being.

According to the Dalai Lama, “someone else’s action should not determine your response.” Now that’s a pot-boiler!! A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence—an important structural balance for not being too invasive in your responses as reactions directly affects the rhythm of our heart. A positive outlook, keeping negative connotations at bay are prudent to let the heart beat unrelentingly for a healthy and prosperous living.

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alley doe
alley doe
2 years ago

it is fantastic blog useful all the people thanks for sharing with us

Rating: 5.00/5. From 3 votes.
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Sudhir sinha
2 years ago


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