Will Omicron Turn Out to be the Sharpest Tool in the Box

Hearing the word “Omicron” for the first time never felt that it a continuation of the league of Greek swords. It dissuaded me from its lethal invasion to propound on the pre-fix “OM” which resonates positivity and calmness. It is referred to as a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and is considered to have infallible healing powers.

Attributing any name to Covid virus does not reduce its catastrophic belligerence, but evolving to a pugnacious self with composure is the mantrato beat the despotic Covid. What predisposed the W.H.O to name the new variant as Omicron is an unquestionable judgement, but the name pleases to displease the cantankerous sobriquets of Alpha, Beta, and Delta etc.

It is a new variant—agreed!

It has the plenipotentiary powers taken from the previous variants hosting unprecedented spike mutations—humbly accepted!

It may presumably be very infectious causing multiple drainage of symptoms—quite understandable!

But what matters today after witnessing colossal loss of human lives and decapitated human emotions is the imperturbable challenge to disregard the anonymity of the virus and splurge the inner positivity within you to fight the devil. This is what “OM” guides us to do. Whenever we feel embroiled in the duplicity of the virulent invasions, our healing process should awaken to defenestrate the hubristic vendetta of new variant. Remember to meditate the mind and body to positive understanding of how the world works.

Delta was lethal; Omicron might not be the sharpest tool in the box as more than 300 Crore people are vaccinated in the World today. Its imperceptible fusion with the human body is still being figured out by the scientist and virologist to foresee its impact on the global network. Even, if the conclusions stretch to be devastating and a pot-boiler for the humanity, our past experience with other variants should act as a beacon to stride off with utmost cautiousness and wisdom.

The countries all over the world have already started taking measures to reduce the invasion of virus in their territory. International travel is being restricted and on-the-spot Covid test are being conducted to combat the spread of virus. The tumultuous health infrastructure responsible for the sinking of the ship during the Delta uproar looks geared up to take over Omicron. The hospital staff is duly equipped to handle the burgeoning cases, masks and social distancing is a palpable culture and resourcing invaluable equipment is no more a liability. Let’s combine all this with an indomitable spirit to live and a commitment to defeat the pestilential virus.

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desuja. doel
desuja. doel
2 years ago

all the information’s are very nice and useful thanks for sharing this usefully information thanks

Rating: 5.00/5. From 2 votes.
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Much Photos Watch
1 year ago

How is the COVID situation over there?

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