Brag, Brag says the Cat…I say it’s Better not to Ring the Bell!

Braggarts, by purpose or by temperament, whatever the reason be are an enthuse lot who never fail to be the bummer cloud offloading their privilege affiliations. What they need to do to be the ‘archetype swaggers’ is primarily be like a puffed patty with lots stored in the recluse of their buttery emollience. It’s easy to notice the sweet and sour freckles on their cheek while laughing that is supposedly theirs; others mounting on it with a discreet widening of lips elusive to the ‘operation Brag’.

In a group, there is this one person who installs a bivouac at a sea side fondly clamouring to it, holding it by its priggishness as if the world is a balmy river and their pompous boisterousness is a perfect swim on the loafs of other’s tidal trepidations.  The intrepid banter that follows is like a scale placidly aligned but with some puerile deviations. This one friend in our group snorts sonorously,

‘We usually go to London every summer. The scorching heat in India is unbearable; it’s not a country to live in now. A summer home in London is also on the cards, waiting for our son to get admission then maybe we shift finally. A regular feature on my list every time is to buy a ‘Burberry or a Coach’ bag; the soignee designs and the perfect structures of these Brands is infallible. My husband has my hands up his sleeves the moment we find any of these brands; India has fewer outlets so it’s better to buy from London. Oh! One thing more this time I made it a point to have atleast 7-8 new dresses stitched, after all ‘London Ja Rahe Hai’. And, the blah blah continues…

I feel I am good in India after seeing the friend descanting the fallacies of seeking happiness in a volley of ephemeral transitions. Already, the London City looks like an unaccomplished territory. I later realized I forgot to ask the name of the airline. Bragging would have levelled up to take on the world for a better world—yeah! That’s if you have chosen a Virgin Atlantic or British Airways.

There is more to come as we all meet more often. Can women be ever tired of their profligate temperaments that hold the ability to deceive their internal drudgery? Another café date! I hoped London is an old hat now. Though, this time the frippery in the fudge is the dramatic ‘Michael Kors’ handbag. Pummelling the fortuitous selection of the ‘Michael Coarse’ bag, the bragging session begins. It’s kind of a running of a tap with no boundaries and discretions. Then follows a fibrillated ‘quack –quack’,

‘There was this huge collection at one of the malls and I bet I had to buy a ‘Michael Coarse’. I tightened the screw around my husband’s neck that he has to buy me one. What the point of earning so much? ‘Michael Coarse’ is after all ‘Michael Coarse’. I already have 3 bags of the same brand but an eye on the latest one took by breath away. A majestic piece indeed’

What to say now. All I wanted to do was to correct the pronunciation of ‘Kors’—is like ‘Kawz’ and not ‘Coarse’. I grinned inexplicably keeping the secret of the authentic ‘Kawz’ in my ‘Coarse’ handbag, though I did not at any point of time think of bragging by accessory. Then I realized that Braggarts too need to do their homework before their serendipity turns into self-siphoned sledge hammer.

Whoa! It was a bit hard to emulsify my coherent self to the balderdash exhibited conspicuously by some gritty woman. However, nobody thinks about the people who lend an enormous ear to the pantomime. It definitely shows their resilience but more than that their contentment. People who often brag are dispassionate towards life’s vicissitudes and indulge in running a sack race—tripling, toeing and twisting the realities ambushed by an orchestrated desire to be what you are not.

Bragging is a ‘Mania’; many people may not agree with my unapologetic clue but I am stern. Isn’t it an emotional upheaval that’s finds solace by exacerbating what construes as an insecurity levelled up to an ambition and then a prophecy. Here, prophecy turns for other people, conspicuously letting them down into a pot hole, which they feel like diving into after all the blabber-mouth. I also wish to expound the difference in talking and boasting.

Talking about something is making yourself and the others aware of the various dimensions that consume the topic. Bragging is fostering an impending action in concurrence to boost one’s self-esteem, and in the process create a notable doubt in other person’s mind if they are worthy of the entire semblance. 

I have come across parents who have the ability to make the ripe mangoes look sullen and tired. Convenience is often exhibited as a melodramatic struggle. They have all the nerve to get their child admitted in a prestigious school when others might be struggling under the load of a matchstick. A Porcupine with a bulbous face!! Here goes the asymmetrical terrain,

“It was maverick experience to get my child admitted. But, who leaves such a school. A tedious process it was; queuing outside the school gate every day, writing e-mails regularly and even tried for a jack. God knows what whistled the cooker? But, anyhow we can now say we have hit the nail with precision. What about your kid? Nothing to worry; you can also try but even if it does not happen, his current school is at No. 2, so not bad ha! “

So, the jack is out of the pack of cards! Nobody admits but prods deliberately to garner attention and the other party feel that their efforts are debilitating. I am sure a wise person will keep the profundity of their actions under control to do the right talking and not be a ‘Braggart’.

To some who cannot change—‘Happy Boasting’.

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Braden Wagner
4 months ago

This is exactly what I needed to read today Your words have provided me with much-needed reassurance and comfort

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