Does Same Sex Marriage Destroy the Human Genome of Perpetual Sanctimony?

A lot of debate has been purging the innocuous ears relevant to the dismissal unity of the so called ‘puritanical bravehearts’. For them, ‘same sex’ unison in any temperamental abode is a sarcoma that runs deep in the connective tissue of the society, betraying its moral slugfest.

So, here we are looking at a set of minds that juxtapose marriage to procreation and prevalence. The ‘same sex’ bonding for them is bereft of either. Recently, it was interesting to notice the views of the Supreme Court to provide a legal stamp on ‘same sex marriage’. The repulsiveness to substitute a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ to be called a person under ‘The Special Marriage Act, 1954’ made me think that it’s the ‘Human Genome’ that binds us all together. 

  • If we were to fall from the cliff, do we really think of the mighty hand that may clutch the insipid weight to bring it in level to the ground?
  • Is there a specific decree to distinguish the food proffered at the table; cooked by a man or a woman? The piquant tongue is in gratitude ad infinitum and even when lost in the woods, somehow it tempts to recreate the thaumaturgic taste as the pores look dry and wrinkled.
  • The magnificent mountains painted by the stroke of brush sometimes filter the incandescent moods and more often sludge their bickering to granule shots; damn the rain! In its valued judgment, the heat and the shower, both are a sine qua non to glitter and gooey.

So, why act as a do-gooder impervious to the ‘natural instincts’ to make way for the archetype jam rollof the sweet savory female and the fluffy flour male.

It’s a likeable treat, isn’t it! An ineluctable union that has the happy chin of the Gods and the ducking and diving by the society schmaltz!  How come something unfamiliar presents itself ignominiously so profoundly exaggerated by the moral dominion; scrofula puffed with pejorative desires or a serrated bludgeon? A ‘man’ in love with another ‘man’—chee chee, knuckle the moral dictators. A ‘woman’ in a passionate embrace by another ‘woman’—despicable and evil—the religious typecast would flagellate such effrontery and the make-shift minds may proffer a ‘brooming whip’ to wish-wash the loathing that grips them.

Homosexuality is not a disease and neither it is a temporary melting of ice. It’s a form of living and is as rock solid as ice if given the accurate temperature to thrive. So, where are we all going wrong?

Is it the excrescence of an anomalous sexual orientation that bothers us or we fail to acknowledge that the same sanctified love and passion can befall on somebody else’s territory too. The latter screws us more because culturally a love union is supposed to embolden procreation that ‘same sex’ marriage is incapable of. Also, the prevalence of consanguinity is a moral aptitude difficult to let go. Keeping aside the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’, if we go about the fine-tooth-comb scrutiny, the human interpretation of emotions invasively remains unchanged.

For a ‘Gay couple’ or a ‘Lesbian couple’, the eyes flutter the same way and sparks flow in harmony as would be the carnivalesque view between a man and a woman in love. Grief would take the same mantle of resonance and resilience, passion would ignite a chiaroscuro of longing and warmth and finally betrayal would too spark volumes of scurrilous battlements. The ‘same sex’ or ‘opposite sex’ union concomitantly dissenters the same set of emotions.

Therefore, legalizing ‘same sex’ marriage is a celebration of emotions that are universally governed and acceptable rather than the parliament calling it a coup de grace.

Homosexuality has been and still is self-effacing—just counting the flocks in the urban treasury who let go off their heebie-jeebies and raise a toast to their sexuality does not give credence to what they actually deserve. The sequester, invariably distorted by the blot still fiddles with its black tresses ensconced somewhere in the rural foliage or in the misfit towns and cities.

  • How do we get them to play the trumpet of self-sufficiency and dignity?
  • How do we align their feelings of love and passion to our similar pattern of longings?
  • How do we make them trust that God’s creation is not subject to social malfeasance but is a paramount part of social Raison d’etre? 

Legalizing ‘same sex’ marriage is a clarion call to consider all human emotions exist equally in every individual. We as a culturally obsessed nation too have accepted the peccadillos a normal functioning marriage comes with; a man and a woman go through it all—a damp squib! What not happens in the inner façade; physical abuse, domestic violence, illicit relationships and divorce. If all this still keeps alive the constitution of marriage then why denounce ‘same sex’ marriage?

Why disparage it? It need not be pitched as a savoir faire, or intemperate minds indulging in a schadenfreude to add it to a rotten apple basket.

A human cushioning is all it needs! Let’s move forward to give it a sheltering carapsse where they have the right to experience emotions as any individual on this planet Earth….

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