By: Sunaina Luthra

Beyond the realm of
Mundane duties and responsibilities
Nurturing and caregiving
Everything and nothingness
Lies my tranquil sanctuary
My hermitage for my emotional healing, a spiritual bond
Lifting me from the abyss of forlorn

Of seven vows once taken with conviction’s glow
Now, just sepulchral promises echo in the shadows
When all attempts at compromise seemed inefficacious
Despite every effort
The seams of the marriage come undone
The tales of destiny began to race

I leave behind the love that never was,
To find one, desirous and untorn
Can he be the white swan without a spell?
I swim along, the craft now well-ordained

We embrace; the world at peace,
What I left behind, still echoes
Don’t now ask me about ethos?
The peace in me finds resonance
With the world that was never about me

Imprudence in our eyes,
To look without reflecting,
Like the wish of the waterfall
Incanted down the stream, inviolable

The proven guilt of the new love
The dilemma of right or wrong
Am I provoked?
I still wish the dulcet,
Let bygones be a song, a cappella

Do we speak less or more
I don’t know?
We sit by the pile of rocks
Coarse as our past
The fine lines of the palm
Now hold a hand not to similar
I must leave, I say
To come back again

What lies ahead?
A fallacy or furtivity
A memory judged or an illusion burned
A forever embrace or a burrowing departure!

Till then
Let’s continue to nestle in our shell
Embezzling happy moments
To keep it safe in the inner vault of our hearts
It would be easy to weather the rainy days
Even if we depart, lest we say!

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