BY Harsimran Kaur  ON Dec 01 , 2020  IN BOOK REVIEWS, The Fountainhead

Usually a book comes where each character is distinctly defined as per their individual motives and desires. What governs their idiosyncratic impulses is an understanding of who they are and where they belong. Ayn Rand has impeccably sewn these characters together through love, treachery, insolence and an unflinching desire to outstrip the other.

We meet Howard Roark, an outrageously blatant egoist, ready to change the course of architecture by anomaly and honesty.  He is eventually awakened to the abhorrence of his associates and ignominiously threatened by the who’s who. But he is not subservient to the dogmatic prejudices that the world so cautiously considers sacred.

Peter Keating embarks on the journey of architecture with conceit and vulnerability. His truth of life remains unfounded as architecture is not his governing principle. It is an unceasing desire for power and domination. His irrevocable hatred towards Roark, a lust for unparralled success and being deceived by his own vanity lands him to a pothole of chagrin and dismay.   

Dominique Francon, the love interest of Roark, is imperious and headstrong. Her love for Roark is an illuminating spirit of sacrifice and perseverance.

Ayn Rand’s philosophy about the absolute truth and integrity are propounded extensively by the characters in the book. Their conversations are not loose-ended but distinctively elucidated with intrinsic moral and beliefs. The book makes your believe in “You” and how one can overturn the rocky pebbles sweeping under your feet. Our inspirations and freedom of thoughts are a creation of our brain. How we use it to the best of our mental acumen makes or unmake us.

Take Away

It’s an inspiring novel which knocks the intellectual subtleties of the reader. Ayn Rand has assiduously taken the charge to explain that a man’s motive is not to please others but should be inclined to find the absolute truth. Our dependence on others weakens our inner strength and incapacitates the integral thought process.

I have uploaded some conversations between the characters that enlighten us with Ayn Rand’s Philosophy. One can read these everyday – great motivations to take on the world.

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