BY Harsimran Kaur  ON Feb 12 , 2021  IN BOOK REVIEWS, BAANJH

BAANJH is a book about woman’s escapade from the long lasting tyranny of ignominies, incompetence, imperium and self-justifying ordeal. The author, Susmita Mukherjee has erected eleven short stories to examine the portrayal of women in the Indian society.

We know Susmita Mukherjee for her applaudable role of “Kitty” and her numerous acting manoeuvres in theatre and television. Her first hand at writing BAANJH is commendable but sometimes the read becomes insipid and repetitive. The stories describe a woman’s metamorphosis from denial to acceptance, revulsion to liberation and subservience to expostulation.

These myriad attributes depicted in the book are all around us, and as women, we have gone through them in bits and pieces. Needless to say that awareness of our motives and determination to outstrip the deterrents is a valid dictum for emancipation of women.


It’s a short book but definitely a good read. The stories conspicuously showcase a woman as a dust brushed under the carpet and cleaned when they become overbearing to sight and smell. The words have a powerful impact on the minds of the reader – eloquent and impressive.

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