BY Harsimran Kaur  ON March 16, 2021, IN BOOK REVIEWS, Big Book of Malice

Khushwant Singh

Being outrageously blunt and calling spade a spade is synonymous with the highly venerated and prolific writer Khushwant Singh. His malice columns in some of the popular English language dailies were an instant hit among the readers. The book “Big Book of Malice” is an assemblage of selected write-ups to satiate the readers with political gup-shup, the empowerment of women and their undisputable role in the society, the demon called death and how to approach it, and many other complexities of life.

His enchanting ways of writing make you believe in every word he drops. The book focuses on some of the issues which are passionately bottled up in our hearts and may foment a discord if dissected unevenly. He audaciously talks about terrorism and the ineluctable Hindu-Muslim divide, fundamentalist and their self-justifying exculpation to make religion a propaganda. Being an atheist, he vehemently abhors the idea of time-consuming prayers and recitation of hymns without even understanding a word of it. His abomination towards the star-stuck Astrology is reinforced with some forecast whirling into debacles.

Take Away

A book that takes you on a ride of ignominious events, fundamentalism dystopia, scourge of ministers for their ignoramus display of anti-democratic affection, the implacable enemy –Pakistan, love for books, domestic abuse, environment issues and the final end—Death.

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2 years ago

excellent informations thanks for sharing your valuable review

Rating: 5.00/5. From 2 votes.
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