Q1. With the Tenth Anniversary Edition on the shelves, is there anything new that the readers can look forward to?

Sugata Bose: Yes, the book talks about the change in global perspective in the last decade. Religion and politics have intermingled creating minority repression, which Netaji was staunchly against.

Another interesting fact to be read is the conversation between Netaji and Jinnah, President of Muslim League, and V.D. Savarkar, President of Hindu Mahasabha.

Q2. History books at school level in India hardly talk in length about the nationalistic leaders and revolutionaries. There is more to them apart from their inclusion in the freedom struggle. Isn’t it important for children of today to know how these freedom fighters gained an insight into their ideologies and put into action their inclinations?

Sugata Bose: Yes, it’s important. But, I have to say that in the last few years the curriculum has deteriorated a lot. We need to do more both at the school and the college level. Children need to know more. My mother Krishna Bose has written a book in Bengali “Netaji – a Biography for the Young.” It has been translated into English and I urge kids to read it as it would help them to know more about Netaji.

Q3. Anything else you would like to add?      

Sugata Bose: It is more fascinating than the Legend. Netaji had a vision for India, about equality and justice. It is not just a philosophy but an effort put by Netaji to give it a concrete shape. 

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