International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day – Do we really need it

It’s obnoxious to have one day designated to women for their achievements, their victory over the patriarchal society, winning over their insecurities and for making a fool of themselves. Do we really need a day? Or maybe we just want women to shut-up for the rest of the days by giving them one day where they can feel privileged, and then be sacked to live an inglorious life of domestic abuse, subjugation to the chauvinist male attitude, compartmentalized into the “good” and “bad” variants of leading life and sanctified to a harbour where religion and morality play the charade game.

The above elements have nothing to do with being successful or not. A prominent women entrepreneur could be subjected to the same ridicule and deleterious domestic outrage, as a woman from an impoverished background. She is required to cook after having an arduous day at work, feed the kids and rest them to bed. To her consternation, she feels intimated to travel the roads of her country for the fear of being raped or mishandled. If she is emboldened to voice her opinion or raise her voice for the atrocities, she is condemned for her intransigence. Let’s do a role reversal – A man making the kids sleep will raise an alarm up teem times to make his wife panicky, and unresistingly, she will do the needful. Walking on isolated roads does not propel fear as rape is not what happens to them. They are not subjugated to domestic torture as they are a stronger sex with masculinity from head to toe. Even if they cook disproportionately, they are applauded for the effort, if only effort could bring life into the insipid flavour!! I think women deserve the same rationale for attempting and then failing and then trying again!!

So, why is this women’s day a big deal!!

To my dismay, Women’s day is to make the so called weaker sex realize that they were born weak but look alas! Finally you are there—hot and happening. No, No, No…. We don’t need that sympathy. Our achievements and accomplishments don’t need a certificate. What we need are certain laws that can give us respect and admiration every day, freedom to be opinionated and righteous, and a liberal mind-set to ward off the atavistic. Just talking about an egalitarian society does not ensure an unprejudiced and tolerant framework – what we have to build is a formidable ground where men, when they were boys, are educated to respect women and their concomitant laws of nature. Strict laws need to be initiated to give women from all class backgrounds compulsory education and be well-versed with their rights before and after marriage.

 Let’s make women’s day an everyday affair, where every woman can look at the mirror and be proud of her life and identity.

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1 year ago

wow it is very impressive blogs thanks for sharing with us

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