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Russian perfidy holds not knots; entangled in a rope of pugnacious war attempts and egomaniacal palimpsest, it has become a noose to alter the dynamics of geo-political world.

Arrives Putin!! – A palaver of Ukraine thrombus septic enough to drain its toxity to chambers that otherwise beat succulently. This may amount to be an adventurous paraphernalia; what about the long-tails of his escapades burning like a scalding fire on the internet? The naked torso swimmingly adjusted to the inclined seat of the boat, peevishly soaking up the warmth of the Sun or the valiant pose where Putin is seeing sitting on the saddle bridging the reins. All this looks like a simulacrum of his habit to covet what he desires.

His current adventure is a noise of the past ricocheting an adventure that has not only obliterated human lives but has pummelled the world into economic insecurities and implacability. A coup de grace!!

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is not a phantasmagoria of impregnable power but speaks of fundamental reprise of a past callously dethroned. He gives a clarion call to the world, time has come to canvass the rambunctious dream and he is not the devil to defy morals; he creates his own!

The impact is visible. Today, Ukraine lies on the thorny bed of mass destruction and incapacitated wounds. Not a lot is known of the sabotage the Ukrainian land has felt; the media projects it as a war of calculated risks by the priggish Putin to control the munificent Ukraine. But what goes inside the dark hole is presumed to be fatalistic or a nibble to be churned by the knackered mouth that we don’t want to even look at?

Luke Harding, the Guardian Journalist, has seen the perishing mouth gobbles and the amputated spirits of Ukraine. The people there have felt the magna rise from the sonorous pastures bedevilling the very existence of their tinkering feet that once walked ceremoniously on the beloved land.

It would not have been easy for Harding, channelizing the inequities and flagrant renditions straight popping from the cubicle of the ‘master-blaster’ Putin in his latest book “Invasion”. The book has liberated a storm—a poignant distress and the cathartic revulsions imperceptibly coffined by the Russian military pall bearers. The author expatiates a tyrannical Russian rigidity, invalidated and unpalatable, inevitably layering a chiaroscuro of hammer and bolts.

  • Desiccation is Putin’s armoury, violation is arrow bank. For all his schadenfreude, the world today limps to give Ukraine a part of their normal gait.
  • Invasion today feels like a pillage of human conviction to live in harmony. Deportation of thousands of people from Ukraine to Russia is a discoloration of human entity.
  • Can Russia sanctify the brutal disgorgement of innocent civilians, looted and strangled to death with no fault of theirs? Mayhem at Mariupol to the beleaguered citizens in Bucha is a simple treachery and a tenebrous chicanery on part of the Russian fancies.
  • What about Kherson—annihilation sumptuously served cold? The catastrophic consequences of militarizing the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station are yet to be seen.

What more? Rapes, stealing and invading the privacy of Ukrainians is no de rigueur. But crimes of such intensity shake the entire edifice of mankind. Though, unchallenged remains the Ukrainian spirit. As President Zelensky, a comedian turned president of Ukraine, is stern to advocate Russia as being a terrorist state. Luke corroborates the well-structured and compassionate Zelensky; with events unfolded, the president has indissoluble faith in the glorious spirit of his comrades and does not spit the emotional trajectory as a misgoverned tractable.

History… what is it? An enigma to many but an obstreperous mind is capable of making it a living entity. Putin is a benefactor of atavistic depredations and has intransigently used this conviction to invade Ukraine. He cannot forget the past, it seems. The inception of Kyiv as an earthen lap of Russian Civilization is a part of the Russian history of ‘Kievan Rus’. Putin is eager to stiffen the lap where atavistic preferences are co-joined once again. Is it’s a sine qua non that will mobilize the Ukrainian spirit or their freedom from fictional fantasies will see the brighter sun?

The latter is a legible conundrum. Ukraine today with assistance from the US and EU has been able to procure vast defence military equipment that has finally started giving the Russians an itch in the nose. The book inspires, victory is not measured by the perpetrators insistence but by the defenders formidable spirit—Ukraine here has been able to discard many skeletons in the closet.


The Russian-Ukraine war is a nationalism of misbegotten pursuits. It is not a war but a gruesome act of intimidation—Russia in an attempt to use nuclear weapons if US & allies supply hard-crusted weapons to Ukraine; US leaving no stone unturned to impose sanctions that bedevil Russia, and Ukraine supposedly tampering with foreign alignments to allow free flow of military superiority.

As of today the brutal fight for Bakhmut continues. Russia’s hold to the east has symbolic presence. These materialistic pursuits will go on—what is left behind in shackles is humanity.

Heart-wrenching and extremely sentimental…

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