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‘It Starts With Us’ by Colleen Hoover exfoliates the same perpetuity of emotions that added a scent of hope, empathy, curiosity,  happiness and courage in the first book ‘It End with us’. Hoover deeply stirs the rigidity and the perplexity of awarding life with fisticuffs folded through our repressed emotions. Result? A bargain! A validity of occurrences; a need we all deserve and a farrago of the mind ambushed by the heart or the latter in the dire need to be excavated from Pericardium; it’s been a too fibrous journey!

I have known Lily and Atlas since ‘It End with Us’. A love, so thaumaturgic finds its way to a swathe of blossomed flowers and rustling leaves. I go further to comprehend if love sustained the perfidy of the past or went through the back hole. 

So, let’s start from where the first book ended.

Ryle was always foolhardy, a cantankerous husband, a lour to Lily at times due to which she decides to end her marriage right after the birth of her daughter ‘Emerson’. She does not want her daughter to face the wrath of Ryle’s capricious temper; hence she decides to turn the tide.

As Lily is all set to embrace new challenges of co-parenting with Ryle she fortuitously meets her first love- Atlas. Henceforth begins a love affair, which Lily is compelled to keep it under wraps due to Ryle’s jealousy and resentment for Atlas.

Atlas is also in for surprise of his life when his estranged mother gets in touch with him for the first time since she abandoned him when he was a teenager.

How long will Lily  and Atlas will be able to ride the storm in the face of Ryle’s angst?

Is Atlas her sanctuary?

Are Atlas and his mother ready to be a family again or she has come back for a reason?

“It starts with us” harps deeper into Atlas Life. It bring forth Atlas days as a homeless boy disowned by his own mother and finally becoming the owner of two successful restaurants. For Lily Atlas too is stable log for her to sit on after her disconcerting divorce and be a quiver to fill arrows of contentment in being a single mother.                    

As rightly said’ All’s well that ends well’

  I am glad the author envisioned to not leave the crumps piling on the road; in fact gathered them to create a smorgasbord of a new life flavoured by Lily and Atlas.


Is every ending a catalyst for opening a spectrum of possibilities and there byprovide a chance to herald a new beginning?

Are we all blessed to get second chance in love and marriage?

The answer definitely fuses between a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’.

The book is empowers and comforts us, a probable shred of hope that tough times do not decide our course of life. To start over again can be positive and help us forge new paths.  . It also highlights the perils of domestic abuse and gives a clarion call that there is no bravery in enduring violence.  Every courageous step takes us an inch forward towards breaking the cycle of abuse to a lead a better life.

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