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‘Change is the root cause of courage, and courage naturally comes to us during adversity.

The thought makes me ponder!!

It is this courage that made some of the pioneer women wage a scrimmage against a society plagued with irrefutable subservience, unbridled plagiarism and unrelenting gender biasness.

‘Lessons in Chemistry’is astory of a common woman, Elizabeth Zott—a single and an independent mother, she is a star host of a popular cookery show ‘Supper at six’. Her career founders as she dares to liberate herself from male idiosyncrasies. As a research scientist,she is reprimanded for her independence and single-mindness.With life embroiled in cascade of disappointments,her spirits soar when Calvin Evans enters her life. Elizabeth’s life blossoms as he is the first person to corroborate her through process and meaning to her entire vision of life. Though, the association is ephemeral with untimely death of Calvin.

‘Lessons in Chemistry’ by Bonnie Garmus is an inspiring story—how misogyny makes a woman’s life a dried petal and the obnoxious despicable acts of sexual abuse at work a rough feather—aren’t these challenges a perfidy to her existence?

Who does not want to breathe?

Every woman wants to breathe and let not the emphysema of her bare insecurities reveal her insanity. Elizabeth cuts the corner stone to thwart the traditions and rules that hamper her progress to achieve the conceivable.


Sometimes in ordinary lies the extraordinary!!

There are innumerable books that conspicuously talk about feminism. The book ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ is a simple and a poignant story with an important message penned in a sublime and a humorous way.

‘Do not settle for anything less than you deserve’

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