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Life has been harsh for the past 2 years. With Covid looming deleteriously over our lives, perching parsimoniously on our emotional sanguinity and mental equilibrium, the road ahead seems freckled and disillusioned. Nevertheless, humanity has prevailed the odds with an indefatigable spirit to survive as life is all about endurance. And, will continue to fight the plague till it is buried in the ground. It is this humanitarian spirit that we all need to imbibe to ignite a spirit of belongingness. The current Russia-Ukraine war has opened another can of worms where humanity is on the brink of collapse. If Covid took away lives by denuding the human body of its hubristic existence, the current war imbroglio is bound to deceive humanity of trust and compassion. The time is not far when superpowers will scorn at a drop of a hat at the futilities of its neighbouring countries to fetch their own rightful interest. The newsletter for April gives its readers an understanding of “Power” during such times, and how this privilege is being used in a wrong way.

Harsimran Kaur
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BOOK of the MONTH-To Hell And Back: Humans of Covid by Barkha Dutt
The first spiral of Covid pandemic in 2020 lurked like a swollen lymph node deleteriously inflamed by an anonymous serpent. The anxieties were massive and protocols echoed a pestering backlash of pontificating life as unworthy. The second wave saw people getting caught like sugarcane in the gears of a juicer – withered and shriveled.
The fear still pumps in our heart of what lays ahead, of what we are to lose and finally grapple with the idea of death looming phantasmagorically. What happened during the pandemic is furtively ballooned by the government. Their self-justifying exculpation cannot recover the bodies ingloriously thrown in the Ganges and the inequalities that are furnaced between the rich and the poor.
The book is a candid masterpiece of facts and fall-outs that disheveled the very essence of human existence.
To hell and back and to hell again…very soon!!
Does it take a Russian mind-set to malign territorial integration?
The Russian-Ukraine war has turned out to be a miscalculated corrigendum. Its propensity to seize every gullible corner of Ukraine has made Russia an island in the sea of people. So, what is it that water-curls superpowers like Russia to align all its military armaments and prodigious resources on a territory that vividly poses no harm to it?
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