For many people, books are life-long companions. Selection of a book is a matter of choice and preference. Our predilection to choose a book to read rests on our inclination and the ability to understand a particular genre. A book is not GOOD or BAD.
We all love books. As our hands emolliently paste a discerning glance at the cover page, then swivel the hand to see the back cover gives us a glimpse of our future read. Flickering through the pages is also a spine-turner for a tick mark to select a book. But, we all are prejudiced to certain authors or topics, intriguing enough to send preliminary vibes of a good or bad read across the synapses of our brain. Nevertheless, every book selected has the propensity to awaken the mind to the anonymous or rebuff the epistemology that serves as a denial to our concomitant experiences. The criss-cross of our vulnerable self to what we believe in and what acts as enlightenment makes every read magical. Let's make books a part of our lives as words are symbolic to our happiness and bereavement and are an expression to validate human disposition to subtleties of life.

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Gun Island by Amitav Ghosh
Heaven by Mieko Kawakami
Tomb of Sand by Geetanjali Shree
I am not made or unmade by the unpalatable pores formed by the recalcitrant present but by the indissoluble past which is a now a peripatetic traveller taking a descent in my fragile body. Sometimes, it seems as a fallacy that I wish to live with as a concomitant legacy of unaccomplished dreams.
Our past is a vision-distorted, emotions-ransacked, longing-subjugated and a life-lived and unlived. But, we still move on creating our own carapsse to belong to a world unknown to many. Amma too lived a life of a mother, sister, wife, grand-mother and a woman who desired the past to unfold the invariable discretions of her heart. A stout, tiny woman, Amma, with her frail and emancipated body embarks on a journey to the Land of Pure, "Pakistan" to detangle the shards of the past and partition. Crestfallen after her husband's demise, the enormity of passive living is a "hot-potato" to her. She looms a thread to string a staccato of effervescent blooms: placidly peeling off the layer of "frivolous identity issues" by being friends with a transgender woman "Rosie"-the camaraderie inconspicuously despised by Amma's daughter,Beti.
Books are Magical-leave not the words that inscribe the meaning of life!
Persistent with my optimism, my happiness holds no bound to see "Tomb of Sand" by Geetanjali Shree win the Booker Prize 2022. It was a preference elucidated with a clause "what if"-it's a winner or not, neverthelessit taught that every beginning has an end plausibly structured to give meaning to our existence.
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