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Britain1988—an era when the country is swept bythe popularity of their people’s Princess, Margaret Thatcher, basking in the glory of her stentorian domain and steadfast personality. As royal and political fever is at its zenith, so is the threat to obliterate the crown, thereby sabotaging Britain’s pride.

The formidable task to protect Britain’s honour has been assigned to none other than inspector William Warwick, an indefatigable police officer. He is entrusted with the responsibility of decimating the corrupt activities conducted by ‘Royal Protection Command’ headed by the nefarious Brian Miller. William Warwick and his team are on a clandestine mission to ruin Milner and his team’s unperturbed vision of being a panjandrum and unanswerable to anyone except the Royal Family.

Milner has been in command of the unit for over a decade and is poised with a stentorian command to rule and give hell and heavy water to anyone who despises him; his temptation to obey ‘Her Majesty the Queen’ runs parallel to his discrepancies. Warwick and his team are deployed at the royal resident to investigate about the corrupt activities being conducted by Milner and his confidants—privilege to pad their pockets is a perpetual desire fanning away fusillades of bullets falling off as a momentary pleasure.

William is joined by anintrepid Inspector Ross Hogan delegated with task of protecting one of the famous and the adored lady of the world- Princess Diana—for another terrorist attack looms the Royal family.

The imperative question is who is the realtarget?—Princess Diana,the Crown or the Country?

Amidst all this runs a parallel plot of Miles Faulkner, a notorious criminal. He is illegally extradited from Spain to England by William and Ross. Faulkner learns about a dangerous planin the prison which he deems to use for his own freedom.Faulkner’s revelationaboutMansour Khalifah, a precarious terroristin the same prison to William Warwick,drives the action to a frantic crescendo.

Will William Warwick and Ross Hogan prevent the storm from tarnishing the Crown’s honour?

Will they both as a team be successful in removing the rotten apples from the barrel?

Which is the terrorist organization that poses threat to the Crown?

Jeffry Archer’s books always create a stir among avid readers craving for a good fiction. His books are greatly revered.InspectorWilliam Warwick is a formidable and calculative protagonist of the book. He is an upright officer, less naive and more cynical. His quest for justice keeps the story electrified.An interesting part of the political thriller ‘Next in Line’ is projection of real people with fictionalised situation. Readers will find the story and situationsclose to reality. Every page bristles with suspense.

Take away 

Curling up with a Jeffery Archer book is a guarantee for a perfect weekend afternoon.I felt as if I am watching another season of ‘Netflix’ popular series ‘The Crown’.

Definitely a page turner!!!!

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