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Does life unknowingly twist the cerebral pattern of our perceptions and intentions?

Are we obliged to hold a charade of our emotions to garner the idiosyncratic platitudes of people who are in deep hole to avenge their own fickleness?

We all do this ingratiatingly or to highlight imperfections or to settle the regurgitation of ambiguities in the pit of the stomach. Our brain is a bunch of incongruous thoughts and insatiable wisdom which pours out in abundance like water from a leaked tank either to validate the over-powering beliefs or strangle the inconceivable intentions of others. The platforms are many, and gratifyingly our protagonist has a portal with reaffirmations every now and then of how the world is eager to form conclusions and validate their own concoctions. And, one fine day, she receives a callous sputtering of text on the portal:

“Are we all just going to keep doing this till we die?”

“Are we in hell?”

Well, if that gives space to one’s intemperate vanity and indiscretions, it’s good to heal the hollow structure of elusiveness and fix the bone back to the ligament.

The tweets by the anonymous story teller in the book “no one is talking about this” by Patricia Lockwood are funny and relevant. The capriciousness of people who she interacts with from all over the world, and the revelations on the portal like rain drops plummeting straight on the ground are a reckoner to the interim debate of how recluse and challenging life is. Are we not governed by fragility of life in all our facts and fancies? And then comes comparisons – pasting a photograph of an injured foot would be an aberration, so would be the cantankerous miffed women scrutinizing if they have the same scar! Our protagonist also earns the fume on a famous tweet:

“Can a dog be twins?”

Patricia Lockwood has eloquently mesmerized with her thoughtful writing, words so infectiously woven to pontify the world of portal and the temperamental validations popping in.

As we further unlock pages, we see the protagonist going through a personal tragedy, pummelling her with paradoxes and a bypass adjustment with adversity. No one is talking about this is, though we all want to explicitly talk about what is relevant and finally create a periphery involving people to believe in their sense of interpretation.


Shortlisted for the Booker Prize 2021, “No one is talking about this” is a book to be ravenously talked about. The author has remarkably positioned a static window with expressions and ramifications. The poetic resonance is a finely crafted rosary of words describing the complexity of one’s vision and to portray the conceivable and subsequent profligacy of the partisans.

Introspective and Impressive!!

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