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If we ever had a conversation between puberty and menopause, it would be like twisting the perfect cheek and would go as follows:

PUBERTY: I wish I could get rid of all the mess soaking up my skin all five days. If it could be blown away with a whistle not to bedevil me every month!

MENOPAUSE:  shhh!!  There is no way getting away with it. Accept it! It’s important for a woman’s body to go through the menstrual cycle. The hormones Oestrogen and Progesterone would be unhappy with your blabbering and will be dissuaded from their relentless work of facilitating the reproduction process. 

PUBERTY: So, I go through this rigmarole every month to keep the reproduction process in place. What about the pain and PMS that throws me off the scent. It’s a notorious bug that plays havoc with my body, subjugating it to unpleasant jolts. I just want to look beautiful, have long lustrous hair, blush around with the charming skin and have lots of love around.

MENOPAUSE: All this without the hormones and the consequential menstrual cycle. Girl! It’s not possible. Look at me! I no longer have periods. The thinning of my hair blatantly sneaks from the mirror, my bones crackle a glutch sound  if I assume to be too fit, the skin bears tiny black speckles as if a roasted nut has been flattened by the back of the shoe, the body looks heavier and the fat bulges conspicuously from corners once guarded by rigid muscle fixtures. I wish the hormones would have stayed longer—I would graciously manage with the mess.

Silence shines bright to give both time to introspect. Suddenly, out of the blue, peri menopause arrives emolliently cornering the debate.  It helps puberty understand the relevance of period power and urges menopause to exfoliate the guilt of losing hormones as it is an ineluctable craft thoroughly orchestrated by God. Its arrival is to give indomitable power to women to ensconce in the tutelage of confidence and self-respect.

So, we have a book which gives a thoughtful insight to the years of peri menopause. When I read “Period Power” by Maisie Hill, I felt there were a lot of things that as a woman we need to know about the functioning of the menstrual cycle and were bereft of it. Now, with Peri Menopause Power, it’s imperative to understand the very small fragments that lead to menopause.  Peri Menopause Power is a compendium of how are hormones ruthlessly betray us in the years preceding menopause. It’s a power to let our bodies work with a corrigendum to get our hormones in balance that have been insouciantly subjected to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, pollution, unnecessary ingratiating pleas and irrelevant prejudices of our well-defined roles.

To welcome any spectrum, it’s prudent to understand the light behind it. This is the power of the book—a well substantiated cornucopia of how the hormones Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone work in a harmonious beat with the hypothalamus to keep a woman’s body healthy and at high emotional proclivity. It also warns to watch out for signals as the hormones retire leaving a beleaguered nest of intangible pains, palpitations, irregular periods, hot flushes and diminished muscular strength.


Menopause is not a comeuppance of our celebration of life. It’s a segment of life to roar with aplomb of our achievements and sacrifices. Peri Menopause is an acclimatising journey to Menopause and we need to travel with wisdom and knowledge. Maisie Hill collaborates pins and needles that pummel our Peri Menopause predispositions and conclusively puts forward a smorgasbord of bites and balms to travel the unintended path. A valuable read for women of all ages…. 

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