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August 15th 1947 – the day not only marks the independence of India from the tyrannical rule of the British but is considered a comeuppance of the horrific mass migration ever witnessed. It has left an indelible impact not only on the minds of generation who witnessed this tragic event but also marks a dark blotin the history of India.

As we flick through the pages, so neatly evoking a sense of bereavement and betrayal, the book “Remanats of Seperation” talks about partition in parlance of human loss.  The author, Aanchal Malhotra, traverses the ignominious path of partitions through objects—a gaz, a ghara, a pocketknife, a peacock -shaped bracelet and a set of kitchen utensils. These objects collected from the depths and dust of almirahs carry myriad memories as people from both sides exchanged bitter reluctance to acknowledge the defeat of their will. The stretch of the Radcliffe line presents case studies of the journey of migration.

Each chapter in the book has been impeccably drafted and well researched.The conversations in the book are colloquial. The book traverses the journey of people through their narratives. Each story tells the personal ignominy of sadness and loss. The author in her eloquent style unravels a deeper understanding of the individual expressions and sacrifices of the partition.

Take away

The book compelled me to sit and ponder;

What if the draconian shadow of partition had eclipsed me?

Was I to behold the belongings or bequeath it to the dust of hatred and agony?

Would survival had been my armament or objects of possession my real companion?

The mere thought sends a shiver down my spine.The history of partition is full of pummels and reprisals. It was not only a loss of human lives but human affections too. The book captures the heart of it and the coronary vivisection of boundaries. The memories might have faded, but the assertion to keep them alive has not gone away. An enchanting and thought-provoking read!

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desuja. doel
desuja. doel
8 months ago

super informations

Rating: 5.00/5. From 2 votes.
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