BY Harsimran Kaur  ON  June 14 , 2022  IN BOOK REVIEWSShe Speaks By Yvette Cooper-Non Fiction

Rating: 4/5

A woman with a battleaxe is a deleterious to the sense and sensibility of the patriarchal albatross; presumably cataloguedas a seaborgium who needs to reabsorb her disenfranchisement from being empowered and intrepid.

But, have we ever realized what predisposes a woman to wage a scrimmage when she is not the fund raiser for differences that prepped between genders? She still falters to understand why her formidable courage and stentoriancries of liberation are a hot potato that no men would like to touch.

But, with all her vigor and valor, women from decades have stood up to repugnant slaughter and rapacious intolerance endued by the reluctant society. The author of the book ‘She Speaks’, Yuette Cooper, is a British politician and feels a close connection with women who have abrasively tonsured the rough freckles of their life and made a clean sweep to bring forth the sententiousalacrity of men on women who freak and frock their heart out.  The book is about womenspeeches; a reaffirmation of the scurrilous and dystopic prevalence of subjugation and emasculation.

The voices bellow to be heard; Malala Yousafzai espousing the women to be  educated as pen is mightier than sword, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Waangari Maathai  who started the Green belt movement to upraise women from an impoverished state of neglect and isolation, the formidable journalist Marie Colvin ingratiating the possible fears and wreckages to bring out the true stories, the great challenger , Audre Lorde  who insisted  that demarcations are prejudiced  and deterrent  for growth—speaking up for one’s identity is neither an observance or obligation, and the suffragette leader, Emmeline Pankhurst who fought for the right to vote.

Many more accounts by prominent women in different fields on domestic abuse, the conspicuous presence of fewer MP in Parliament and incendiary and brutality on women opens a can of worms.

Take away

The tide of feminism does not have a well-defined structure and is pre-ordained in a certain way. It does not tinker a bell resounding echos of its enormity to puncture the pestering pain of invisible wounds but is a courageous step to make the society understand the grotesque irrelevance of impudish morality. The speeches in the book are a war of words by women who are not involved in the incendiary issue of feminist rights but in an attempt to bringforth the discriminatory perusals that make women a melted iron to cast impressions of her punctiliousness and piteousness.

Extraordinary and intriguing!!!!

The more you talk about a book - or think about it - the more the story sinks in. Reading, finishing, 
and then putting a book aside and reading book review blogs are completely different experiences,
thinking about it, and then combining and putting your thoughts together.  When you think about
what you can say (or write) about the story that unfolds on each page,  it suddenly shines through 
in life and you feel like you're a part of it
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prerna wahi
2 years ago

A really good collection of powerful speeches by women

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