BY Harsimran Kaur ON Jan 12 , 2021 IN BOOK REVIEWS, The Book of Joy

The very erudite and prolific spiritual leader, The Dalai Lama and the magnanimous South African Anglican cleric join hands to enlighten the world about the meaning of joy in their book “The Book of Joy.” The author Douglas Abrams has beautifully captured the hidden treasury of words spoken by the two humanitarians. 

The book is not a documentary of words straightjacketed in black and white, but is a thoughtful discussion on the nuances of life affecting our mental and physical framework. The Dalai Lama living a life of exile in Dharamsala, India after a barbaric attack of chinese troops on the land of Tibet, and The Archbishop Desmond Tutu known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist collectively enjoin people to find joy in the midst of perplexities of life engulfed by fear, anxiety, discontentment, grief, loneliness and chronic ailments.

These two esteemed noblest have had their share of turmoil and dejections, but have come out of the woods fine by keeping their inner spirit alighted by compassion and positivity. The profound knowledge exhibited by them is a Bible for humanity for a joyous and fruitful life.  Their experiences have been profoundly shared in the book, and will act as an impetus for the readers to alter their interpretation of various paradigms of life.

The section “Eight Pillars of Joy” is an amalgamation of elements that help to structure our life wrecked with misery, ego, self-centeredness, avariciousness and fanaticism. These pillars help to break the captivity of self-indulgence that has reduced the human being to a callous robotic entity.

Take Away

Don’t forget to make notes when you read the book.  It’s a book that will give a new perspective to life. We are all embittered by the complexities of life and struggle to create safe haven for ourselves. But life is a web and gets more entangled as we try to escape the bitter aspect of it. It’s prudent to accept the impediments that come our way by giving it a positive dimension rather than spend hours in bereavement.

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