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Reprisals and recriminations are a wounded axe to create fault lines for an ignominious departure of countries to form an apex of hostility amongst each other. They retreat back to the carapace of their ideological scavenges which further tighten their gallop, as if any forward lunge would become a matter of scrutiny. What follows is an act of repudiation by the country whimsically cornering of what seems intolerant of another country, disgorging a cacophony of scatter-brained prejudices.

These predicaments are obvious as each country is aligned to its roots, and we being the foolhardy Homo sapiens don’t like tampering and the tittle-tattle bruised under our shoulders. But, in the larger context, what cements us today are the robust foreign engagements and policies that are collective to the emerging bonhomie and reconciliation pacts.

The ‘Sri Lanka imbroglio’ is a perfect example of ‘A Neighbourhood First Approach’ and S.Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister of India, does not shy in putting it into a strategic ferry. As per his estimate, as quoted in the Times of India edition of July 07, 2022, India has made a contribution of US $ 3.8 billion to help with the Sri Lanka economic fiasco. In his book “The India Way” he talks about a vision where India is not seen as a self-justifying puritanical but a self-motivated aggrandizing power.

Does India falter? YES! A residue of a long history of debilitating strategies of non-alignment and a delayed nuclear pact caused India to be a fragile fibrillate among the panjandrum warlords of the US and USSR; a contiguous China to joined later to dampen India’s spirits after the Indo-China war of 1962.

So, did India find a way?

  • A taciturn, flummoxed India over the past 4 decades has been able to remove the veil of a subservient naff to an articulate negotiator.
  • It has progressed from being a namby-pamby flexion to a fastidious decision-maker. The Russia-Ukraine crisis put India on a feeble turf—thanks to the capriciousness of the West foliage. Nevertheless, India remained neutral in its stand of not being a vulture with flattened wings.
  • The coarse fractured limbs of alienation by the US and China made India a nincompoop but with its robust cultural presence and a tough stand on terrorism, India has been able to cut the corner stone. The URI surgical strike was like a blow across an open wound for Pakistan’s casus belli.

It’s a reminder for India to believe in its creative, political and technological abilities to usher in the world domain, where every now and then sententious and scrupulous vendettas do the rounds. The author pummels India to be in cognizance with the tricks and treats of the super powers like US, Russia and China and be in control of its own decision-making abilities to ward-off their pantomime priggishness.

An engaging camaraderie with the South-East counterparts especially Japan has enabled India to trot ahead with greater aspirations by being more technology driven and diminish the horrors of being an aggressive participant.


India needs to be its pugnacious self to outreach to the exigencies of its neighbours. A fibrous deluge from the indigenous Indian Ocean maritime security to a joint calibration on the Indo-Pacific would be adding another stiff bone in the body. The book “The India Way” is an eye-opener of India’s collaboration with the ‘ASEAN’ and its profound lucidity with the South East Asian Nations.

Finally, it’s the inherent ideologies combined with reciprocal policies and procedures that will make India have its way.

A book that puts India on the global map!!

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Aditya Kulkarni
Aditya Kulkarni
1 month ago

once read for all peoples very nice books

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