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Ashwin Sanghi has an uncanny ability to blend history and mythology to disgorge a story full of mystic, impressionable truths and a bit of carnivalesque serendipity. His books elucidatetheological faith, obscurity of religion and Palaeolithic history. In his latest book ‘The Magicians of Mazda’ the author has woven an- intriguing story about a community of Parsis thatare on the verge of extinction.

Few books tell a tale that are not limited to a frippery spectacle of moonlights and star gazing or a farrago of obscure beginnings and illicit ends; precisely putting “The Magicians of Mazda”is a crisp bite of words as each page unfolds. JimDastoor, a prodigious scientist at the Gemini Research Centre in Seattle, is born to a wealthy Parsi family. He is bequeathed by his father a relic named “Hamzaa Dura” that is conscientiously taken care of by Jim as it holds immense significance which he is anonymous to. The Machiavellian Ayatollah—the supreme leader of Iran—along with his entourage show a dire need to dissect the chronicles of the relic, invariably professed as a magical compound. The novel is set in 720 CE when a fleet of ships carrying frightened Zoroastrians flee from the despotic Iran’s Caliphate. They land in Sanjan in Gujarat to seek a sheltering carapace.

From here starts a journey of espionage, perfidy and extrapolations.  Jim’s surreptious abduction to being ensnared in the gallimaufry of revelations and marauding, and a courageous stint by his wife Linda to bring him back give the story an intriguing twist. 

The book travels from the markets of Iran to the frightful coffin cells of Tehran, saunter to the present day Taliban camps of Afghanistan moving to the womb of Udvada fire temple in Gujarat andmagnificent mountains of Kashmir.

The motives can be deceptive as they creep deep in the psyche to camouflage what presently distorts us. Each action is a verified sinister to keep us afloat till the motive is a conclusive entity. The book is about these motives and actions that can make or unmake us. Each page is a tight screw nut holding the plot with unpredictable manoeuvres.


‘The magicians of Mazda’ provides insight into the history and culture of Parsis—a community that we are less acquainted with. Zoroastrian history too finds plausible read as helps to give a sound background of the culture. The multiple events unfolded in the book will keep the readers glued till the time they unravel the secret behind ‘Hamzaa Dura’ and the ‘Arthavan Star.’

Facts well woven into a thriller! Another diligent craft by a master storyteller!

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