BY Sunaina Luthra/Harsimran Kaur  ON  Sept 13, 2022  IN BOOK REVIEW, THE RISING TIGER BY BRAD THOR-FICTION

Rating: 4/5

The Science and Technology Commission of China are working on an energy device. It’s time for them to test this deleterious device under actual battlefield conditions. The war in the Galwan valley provides them with this opportunity.

The skirmish between India and China lasts nearly six hours.  The Chinese soldiers perpetrate a surprise attack to be eventually defeated by the Indian soldiers—known as the ‘Snow Warriors’—one of the most decorated regiments of the Indian Army.

But what looms ahead is an unprecedented bludgeoning by China to make the Indian soldiers thin their boots. India takes pride in its success but after the onset of the deadliest altercation at the Galwan Valley, all hell breaks loose and gives China the opportunity to manoeuvre their scientific discovery to hold their horns firmly on the head.To overcome the ignominious defeat, the Chinese are successful in using their newly concocted devise to repel all of the enemy combats, thereby providing exceptional cover for Chinese soldiers to escape. 

To add more pigeons in the hole, the situation is further made tempestuous when an American diplomat Eli Ritter is killed on the streets of Jaipur.He is entrusted with the task of negotiating the Asian Version of NATO to counter China by United States, Japan, Australia and India.India and its allies get alarmedby China’s belligerent behaviour and become aware that China can go to any extent to wrap the world in its tentacles.

Does the buck stops here? Something needs to be done to remove the rotten apples from the barrel.

The task is meticulously handed by Scottt Harvath, America’s fearless top spy,Vijay—a courageous retired IPS police officer and Asha,an indefatigable RAW agent. Entrusted with this clandestine mission, all three of them scurry ahead with an indomitable spirit tounearth the Chinese motives. Thus, starts a journey of espionage and subterfuge.

Will they be able to thwart Chinese plans?

Who are the conspiratorsbehind this barbaric battle at Galwan Valley?

What is this energy device that China has unleashed to destroy its enemies?

Brad Thor’s ‘Rising Tiger’ is an enigmatic adventure of the lives of war-mongers and their despicable motives. How an erratic mind can converge to create a casus belli to be an infallible dominion is ‘Thor’s’ creative genius.

In the book, every page grips the reader like a screw tightly held to nut, thereby making the plot full of intrigue. China and India have a tumultuous past- each proffering negotiations and dialogues to keep its territory from the incendiary issue of conflict. The story corroborates China’s fear of India’s burgeoning power.  Brad Thor is foreseeable in anticipating that China will be the major adversary to India and needs constant monitoring.


‘The Rising Tiger’ unravels conspiracy etched deep in our current political spectrum. The book is riveting account of the intrepid lives of our Intelligence agents.

An eye -opening thriller!!!

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