BY Harsimran Kaur  ON April 06, 2021, IN BOOK REVIEWS, THE SOUL OF A WOMAN


It’s always a pleasure to read a book by a woman on women. There are no prejudices, no inhibitions and no class superiority – mere facts to collectively gape at what holds for the woman fraternity under the male supremacy. The idea of the book is not to boost the male ego or take a pledge from them for an acceptable living of their women, but is a sincere effort to bring forth the despicable invasion of a woman’s soul shredded by the convoluted practices and beliefs.

So, how far a woman goes from here, leaving behind her vulnerability, stoicism and bereavement?  Maybe, to a land where here dignity is not strangled, her rebellion is rejoiced as an attitude and her desires are not considered sinful. The book “Soul of the Woman” by Isabel Allende resonates the same emotion in a fusillade shot of words.

Isabel Allende needs no introduction. A recipient of the National Prize of Literature in 2010, her books have received a lot of appreciation from the readers. In this book, she talks about how feminism took root in her mind at a young age. Being a journalist, she had the opportunity to explore on women issues, which gave her more clarity on the plight of women. The read especially about “ageing” is a thick skinned spread of words eloquently put forward for every woman to remember—“age should not limit our energy or creativity or our willingness to participate in the world.” Well-said and more to grasp about it in the book!

Women have issues – we all know it, and they accept it’s not a slide in the water. The torrid waves will eventually engulf her body piercing her skin enfeebling every inch of her bone, justifying her existence. These issues have been expatiated in the book. Isabel picks up the rough leaves, fluttering the pain of the preposterous abortion laws, limited use of contraception, horrifying tales of rape and women subjugation, religious intolerance shading a woman’s conduct and menopause.


The book exposes some gruesome tales from all over the world which plummets women to a patriarchal dystopia with closed ends, no recluse from bondage and disparagement.  It’s a read which makes you think and introspect.

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