Rating: 4/5

The book navigates the perils and perfidy of life and the subsequent altercations between the mind and soul to validate the inconsolable trajectory of injustice. We finally look upon to God for answers; God eludes us! It seemingly burrows inconspicuously with an imperturbable capacity to own or disown the fetters of human equilibrium.  The book is an attempt to rescue the human mind dying of captivity in the prison of birth and death.

The dawn husked by the incandescence of the Sun sees a caravan of pilgrims, saints and the common human flock scourging the tenants of the earthily pigmentation in search of the unknown. The night shadowed by illuminating stars vacillating around the moon are craved by the unsettled eyes to look up to gather faith. But God is nowhere to be seen, only felt. God is a stranger for the fundamentally choired hubristic and a miracle for the infallible believers.  “The stranger in the lifeboat” by Mitch Albom runs through different mind-sets with their irrevocable predicaments in search of an answer hidden in the treasury of the almighty.

The book is not a debate if God exist or not, but what we owe to him. It is a story of an ostentatious ship devastated by an explosion with an avalanche of dead bodies buried in the sea, leaving 10 survivors plunging to a raft for life. Joining them is a stranger who introduces himself as the “LORD.” What follows is a tumultuous task to survive, of accepting the wrath of destiny steering you to the shadow of darkness and a benign manifestation of believing in a power to dig you out of the foxhole.

The story has a moral, so deeply entrenched to give credence to human existence. Mitch Albom reveals the journey of 10 survivors, one of them predominantly possessing the key to unlock the insinuation of the shipwreck, and the arrival of the “LORD” who channelizes the human mind to accept the real meaning of life.


It’s a long tiring road between the human mind and the all prevailing GOD. He felicitates his creation with love, compassion and protection. But, the creation ingratiates him for personal vendettas without instilling faith in him. 

When things go amiss, God is to be blamed; we overlook our ignorance in not believing in him and pester our ego to stand ahead of him. We have to realize that destiny is not cruel; it’s a path planned by God for every individual to learn and introspect. The book goes great length to teach us the importance of faith and acceptance.

A brilliant read to understand the essence of life. Simply enchanting!!

Rating: 5.00/5. From 3 votes.
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desuja. doel
desuja. doel
2 years ago

Super! review thanks

Rating: 5.00/5. From 3 votes.
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Devender yadav
Devender yadav
2 years ago

It is really nice review thanks for sharing

Rating: 5.00/5. From 2 votes.
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