BY Harsimran Kaur  ON March 04, 2021  IN BOOK REVIEWS, Unfinished – Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Unfinishe – Priyanka Chopra Jonas

We know Priyanka Chopra as the ubiquitous woman, carrying the prestigious Miss India and Miss World title, a refined and glamorous Bollywood actress, a mellifluous singer, a Quantico-essential Hollywood artist and a humanitarian. Her oeuvre has been contemporaneous with the fragility of the unspoken validations of life – some sour and some sweet, but she has come out to be a conqueror in her navigations.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas – a woman I remarkably respect and adore for her invasive strength and who has the courage to call spade a spade. Her Memoir is not only a journey travelled but serves as an inspiration to be honest and never lose your integrity.  More than a story, it’s a revelation of one’s perception of life and how we take it further to form opinions, make decisions and frame rules to set off on a journey leading to immense success and magnanimity.

Having a normal childhood brimming under the shadow of a close-knit family, her parents gave her all the impetus to follow her dreams and supported her through thick and thin. Her ephemeral education tryst in United States gave her a relatively different view of leading life and the so popular American accent she sometimes is denigrated for. She has elaborately talked about her crown journey, her Bollywood academia – it was a learning of sorts to be ruled by the who’s who, and some impertinent experiences that conspicuously made her stand for her self-esteem. Her venture into the Hollywood arena is magical. She moves on to describe her indelible experience of her father’s demise with exactitude of emotions traversing through her numb veins. And, finally how can we forget the marriage which made Nick Jonas the national “jiju.” Pompous and grandeur in its settings, the marriage was a different spectre – an amalgamation of Hindu and Christian vows.

There is a famous quote by Arnold H. Glascow –

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”

The way things fell in place serendipitously for Priyanka accompanied by indefatigable hard work and precision made her tick at the right time for the right job. Although travelling expansively around the world, she insists of sheltering herself with a carapace of the Indian values she is so proud of.


The book “Unfinished” has a lot to offer. It signifies that no task is difficult if you have an indomitable spirit to achieve it. Definitely an International Best Seller!!

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