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Human body is a host to a millions of virus that have the capability to strangulate the core of its existence. The debilitating Covid virus decimated the human profligacy to a mundane spirit hosing water brash of insipid paroxysms. And, it’s not only Covid that looms like a grotesque sinister but a toxic paraphernalia of viruses and their intrepid mutations have made the world a scarier place.

Robin Cook with his concomitant medical expertise brings forth an implacable monstrosity of a disease, insolently playing havoc inside the human body, to which the advocacy of one’s own helplessness is of no value.

I bet a mosquito would be such a master-blaster to create temperamental distortions of human lives. The fact their ubiquitous arrival from Tropical Asian countries to the lands less explored has led to contretemps of its survival instincts, so convincingly ignored by the Murphy’s in the book ‘Viral.’ The Murphy’s, oblivious to the notorious virus, are on a summer break. What follows is a deleterious swamp of unlicensed truths, inexplicable obtrusions and bereavement stuck by the Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus.  

Emma and Brian Murphy plan to start their own protection security agency but destiny has different plans. Emma gets inflicted by a mosquito bite causing EEE. The surge of intermittent seizures and muscle immobility leave Brian dumbfounded. Brain, a noble citizen, has full faith in the health administration of the country, but is left off-guard on receiving a magnanimous bill of his wife’s treatment. To add more fuel to the fire, his health insurance company is involved in a chicanery that deprives him of the promised amount.

In the midst of the terrifying ordeal, his daughter Juliet too starts exhibiting similar symptoms and is treated in the most despicable way by the hospital doctors. With disaster falling on him like hard ice pebbles, Brian is determined to expose the ignominious truths about the health protectors and their venomous stings aimed at killing innocent lives.


Humans are no longer condescension; viruses have augmented to give humanity a screech of brakes thumping their heart of the body. Climate changes is one factor and the other being irresponsible towards one’s surroundings—believe me, both factors are like a ring clasped to the toe. What breaks the nail though is a fractured health care system. Its recalcitrance towards the lower strata of the society with minimum resources and a rodomontade attitude makes the common man run for their money.

Robin Cook’s Viral is an attempt to screen the torrid state of affairs growing in nuts and bolts in the health care system.

Thought provoking and emotionally challenging….

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Robin W Boyd
Robin W Boyd
8 months ago

The only good point of this book is the reading of it by Scott Brick. Either Robin Cook has gone woke, or someone else wrote this book. It is terribly written with characters who don’t act within the character they are described as. This story does little but bash capitalism in regard to the health and insurance industries that are currently controlled by controlled by government. It endorses acting out in violence against those we believe have wronged us. It is disgusting as well as irritating to read or listen to.

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