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Yogi Adityanath is known for his heated polemics on issues that are reflective of his ideological prejudice. A man who plays his cards to impress, speaks with a condescension of superiority and juggles through occasional demagoguery, Yogi Adityanath manages the irk and insolence of his opponents and media with piquant reprisals. 

The book “Yogi Adityanath” by Sharat Pradhan and Atul Chandra is an enlightening read about a saffron clad ascetic who created a defining moment to become the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017 – the largest state of India. Life has indeed come a full circle to extrapolate his credence to reign the throne of chief minister again. The state election results of UP in March 2022 will either abdicate him of his powers or whistle a staccato of indigenous victory.

The book adumbrates what future holds for Yogi, and if religion has the power to politicize idiosyncratic vendettas. His sobriquet of “Yogi” so impressively suits his Spartan clothing and a fuse of puritanical rigidity of preaching a value system that atavistically murmurs a “Hindu Rashtra”. From ban on cow slaughter to building gaushalas (cow sheds), to condemning forced conversion of Hindus and finally fomenting a communal angle to Muslim boys marrying Hindu girls – intoxicatingly called “love jihad”, Yogi Adityanath has smothered a fire and brimstone policy to call on minority comeuppance. Gliding a turn to his sententious hat, he has received accolades for putting UP on the development map, calling for huge foreign investments.

Covid-19 handholding was egregious, and the authors have been quite candid to tear off the ingratiating mask of the CM putting on him a spectacle of poisonous chasile.  The deleteriously managed pandemic was a lace missing the hole in the shoe to further recline the soul by obnoxious governance. Who can forget the outrageous mishandling of the “Unnao rape case” followed by the contemptuous “Hathras” imbecility? Women who have been a used as propaganda for every election have still not got their due of being protected from the behemoth patriarchy. All this imperceptibly puts the CM in a vault of disdain and appalling governance. The book is laden with facts to corroborate the extent of political chicanery.


A monk who traverses the path of politics is like a rope twisted at both ends clamoring each set of belief, opening of which will splurge an ambivalent prelude to ideological conflict of secular governance. Yogi Adityanath brings along religious doctrines of his value systems which can be a deterrent to fixing the anomalies in a democratic milieu. How polarization, Hindutva dystopia and burgeoning minority hysteria has clouded the horizon is a fact not hidden from the people of this country, though robust development has given Yogi a pat on the back. More than a “Hindu Rashtra”, we need a “Harmonious Rashtra”.

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