For many people, books are life-long companions. Selection of a book is a matter of choice and preference.  Our predilection to choose a book to read rests on our inclination and the ability to understand a particular genre. A book is not GOOD or BAD.

It’s the author’s expression of his analysis of life, interpretation of his beliefs and the core value system. So, I have never been censorious while reading books. For me, any book I pick up is a revelation of something uncharted, assimilation of knowledge and uprooted enlightenment.

The Book Room is a platform to introduce the reader to books that have long being forgotten and some prolific writers known for their impeccable writing style and unpardonable sense of calling a spade a spade. Who can resist a Khushwant Singh book – a writer known for his witty statements and fastidious writing art? If Ayn Rand gave credence to objectivism with her magnanimous book “The Fountainhead”, we cannot eliminate the contribution of Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins in expatiating events that changed the course of the world. Their books, “Freedom at Midnight”, “O Jerusalem” and many more make you live the history.

Most of the books selected for my website “The Book Room” are inclined to make the reader more opinionated and knowledge driven as nothing can substitute a good reasoning of thought.

So, let’s create a library of books and authors that have inspired us, let’s form opinions and keep on reading and writing.