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Let me begin by asking some pertinent questions from all our women readers:

  • Have you ever found yourself caught in a cycle of domestic abuse?  Has domestic violence ever been a harsh trajectory of your life? The person is
  • charismatic enough to behold you but is it that easy to brush his insinuations under the carpet?  What about the society that unapologetically fiddles with a woman’s exuberance to
  • chisel a slope to freedom and dignity? Isn’t it a paradox to let misogyny create parallel shifts from precinct pleasures to making a woman a bête noire bedevil?

Hey readers!!
Don’t get bemused with incongruity of this catechizing.
Rather think and ponder.

There are innumerable women out there left incapacitated due to atrocities done to them; domestic bliss fractured to a nincompoop parasitic discomfort, leaving women in a fundus of ambiguity. Living for the sake of a secure future is definitely a constant uphill battle. As a woman, are we always able to weather the storms of life with courage and determination?

A probable answer would be one in thousands, I guess!

Lilly has our eyes burnt by the incandescence of her domestic life. A strong willed and an independent woman from a small town, Maine, Lilly grew with her mother and an abusive father. She resolves not to let the treacherous storm splinter her that brewed an insolent husk of unfiltered domesticity between her parents. Leaving behind the tumultuous past, she starts a new life in Boston serendipitously meeting a successful neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid.

The instant connection between the two leads to whirlwind romance. As the thrill of this new relationship excites Lily, soon a series of unexpected events with Ryle brings his angry and volatile side, threatening Lily’s resolve to never succumb to any nature of violence in her life.

Parallelly, the thought of her teenage love Atlas Corrigan-a homeless boy does not leave her. A series of journals written and addressed to famous American comedian Ellen DeGeneres by Lily is a witness of his immense influence and love she had for him .Years later an unexpected

meeting with Atlas evokes her dormant emotions; the feelings buried due to evanescence of life. Amidst all this she finds herself in a perplexing conundrum engaging in a battle of conscience to be or not to be with Ryle who edged her to a state of vulnerability.

Will Lily be able to strive for a right decision?

Will she be able to choose a life with dignity or continue with apoplectic harassment?

The book ‘It Ends With Us’ by Colleen Hoover is not a love triangle story, rather a struggle of a woman stuck between her self-respect, happiness and a relationship susceptible to violence. Lily’s exhibits resilience. Her decisions and actions in the book stems from the desire to protect
herself from the cycle of abuse from a man she dearly loves. Hence it makes her a very relatable character in the book.

Take away

There is no denying of the fact that women across the world thrive under varied situations – social and financial. In the midst of these conditions it is not easy for all to break the shackles ofpatriarchy and domestic abuse. Our indomitable spirit and financial independence can help us sail through troubled waters.

As rightly quoted in the book “Any act of violence doesn’t have to be forgiven to learn from it”

So, if Lily can follow this so can you….

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