BY Harsimran Kaur  ON Aug 26 , 2021  IN BOOK REVIEWS, Turn a Blind Eye/jeffrey archer/fiction

Rating: 4/5

An Archer book is never a let-down. With every page, the grip becomes a tight screw nut formidably holding the plot with unpredictable manoeuvres difficult to comprehend. The characters in the story are closely knit by an ulterior motive to tear apart the root of corruption through a clandestine operation.

Meet Detective Inspector William Warwick, a spontaneous and indefatigable police officer, who is given a herculean task to surreptitiously unravel the unscrupulous activities of Detective Sergeant Jerry Summers. The Metropolitan Police Force sets up a team headed by The Hawk with his leads of DC Pankhurst, PC Bailey and William Warwick to scurry the entire tempest of corruption bringing an end to its anomaly.

Jerry Summers is clever and distinctively sharp. He gets cornered by the MET for his extravagant and prodigious display of belongings invariably difficult for a person of his rank to possess. A brief illicit relation with PC Bailey and the serendipitous scheme of things orchestrated by William Warwick opens a can of worms and puts Jerry summers on trial. His play-watch with the two highly acclaimed families running the drugs racket turns his arrow back to the quiver. To this paradox runs parallel the trial of Assem Rashidi, an influential drug dealer defended by Booth Watson.

Well, it’s not always that an eye catches the aberration of the loosely connected loops. It may falter to capture the presumptive, turning a blind eye. The same rigmarole of contradictions makes the plot of “Turn a Blind Eye” highly volatile in its expeditions. The characters play a charade to outstrip the other; finally inking the target in the blue swam of algae difficult to be encrypted.


“Turn a Blind Eye” is impressive and intriguing. Archer again turns into a master story-teller to unravel a conspiracy etched deep in the functioning of the police department.

A page turn-over leaving you glued to your couch.

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