By Sunaina Luthra  ON  June 23, 2023

Why I have to be an empress with a crown?

Being a girl was not my choice

But,remaining single is what I rejoice

     Being single is a destiny for some

Then, why do you stare at me with a glum?

I was emboldened to choose the righteous path

Then,why my decisions ought to incur your wrath?

Not meant to placate is the idea you spread

Then, why getting married is considered the only means to propel ahead?

Just like you maintaining positivity incessantly seems a constant battle

Then, why brandish women like me with negativity; an encumbrance to hold on to my mantle?

Freedom is my birth right that drives me in the dark

Then, why my resolve to strive for my ambition makes me enfeeble by your sententious remark?

Just like you I sail on tempestuous sea of emotions

Then, why blame my hormones for my inner tribulation?

I may have a waspish tongue which can hurt

But,I dismiss your opinion with a perfunctory smile and reply so curt

I will continue to globetrot with unbridled courage

And never allow the winds of doubt to discourage

I condemn your priggish attitude

And continue to deal my challenges with fortitude

In this single status, I find my strength to conquer any tide

Don’t demean me as I continue to walk with a purposeful stride

Unveiling my passions by going to any length

Is what I will continue to endeavor with my full strength.

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Alveera Zaidi
Alveera Zaidi
11 months ago


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Anita luthra
Anita luthra
11 months ago

Reflects ur personality beautifully

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10 months ago

Beautiful piece

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